Golden Bridge Claypot Rice Set – Waxed Sausages, Waxed Duck [NEW]

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Made in Singapore.

Golden Bridge Claypot Rice

Product Contains:

1) Waxed Duck Leg 130gx 1pack

2) XO Special Lean Sausage 110g x 1 Pair

3) Stewed Pork Sliced 380g X 1can

4) Sweet Sauce 10g x 3packs

5) Jasmine White Rice 500g x 1 Pack


Darin out the sauce from the pork slices, add 1 can (400g) of water into sauce.

Weigh out 500g of rice, add water-sauce mixture from Step 1 into rice.

Cut waxed duck leg, waxed sausages and sliced stewed pork into moderate sizes, place everything into a rice cooker and cook.

Drizzle with sweet sauce, mix well.

Claypot rice is ready to be served.



Avoid direct sunlight, store in a cool and dry place. Cook before consumption.